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India-States-World-Countries maps on Maps-on-Canvas

Maps on Canvas can bring digitally printed cartographic maps to life while having some durability. 
mapWINGS series of map-on-Canvas (with eyelets) comes in three categories/sizes:

  • Size-L: CANVAS,  2 ft. X 1 ft.  (24 X 12 inches) – map.NINJA Series
  • Size-XL: CANVAS,  2 ft. X 1.5 ft.  (24 X 18 inches) – map.ELEFANTE Series
  • Size-XXL: CANVAS,  3 ft. X 2 ft.  (36 X 24 inches) – map.GEO Series The Canvas media used is 350-380 GSM MATTE WHITE BACK that utilizes pigment based color in digital printing setup.

Four small eyelets or grommets are provided for putting it up on board (using strings or push pins) or simply roll them and keep them in Paper Packaging Tube (provided) for transportation and storage. Take them out as and when you need them.
Currently maps are being sold at and in price range ₹465.00 – ₹900.00 including all India free shipping. Search for mapWINGS Canvas map and order one today.