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mapWINGS Tube-Mailers or Paper Packaging Tubes (map.ITER Series)

mapWINGS Tube-Mailers or Paper Packaging Tubes (map.ITER Series) are specially designed and created for storing maps, drawings, art-work, engineering charts & documents and all kinds of paper/canvas based paintings or artwork in rolled format.

All Tube mailers or paper packaging tubes come with tinplate metal lids. With section thickness ranging from 4-6 mm and ID (Internal Diameter) of 3 inches (7.6 cm), the paper packaging tubes offer robust and sturdy solutions for storing, packing or transporting all kinds of documents in shipment-friendly and portable way. 

mapWINGS Tube mailers are available in 5 convenient lengths (25 cm to 100 cm) especially created to cover all A size classification documents from A4 to A0 sizes.

Available at (Seller:: mapWINGS) in convenient pack sizes of PACK of 3, 6 & 12. All orders, on marketplace or this website carry India wide FREE SHIPPING.