Map of | country: UNITED KINGDOM (UK) | on CANVAS with Eyelets | States-Regions, Highways & Important Locations (#) | for Edu & Business


Map of | country of UNITED KINGDOM (UK)| printed on Cotton Canvas with Eyelets (or grommets) | 2 Suitable Size Formats:
1. map.NINJA (Map-Size: 2 ft. x 1ft.)
2. map.ELEFANTE  (Map-Size: 2 ft. x 1.5ft.)


Map of | country: UNITED KINGDOM (UK) | with States-Regions, Highways, with informative map-Legend and Map-Index. The map is printed on Superlative Quality 380 GSM MATT Finish COTTON CANVAS for clarity, full color and long life.

mapWINGS provide Accurate and Professional maps suitable for students, office goers, sales/marketing/field professionals and map-enthusiasts looking for maps for educational and information purposes. Rolled & Packed professionally in a reusable 4 mm thick, 13-20 inch length,  PAPER PACKAGING TUBE or TUBE MAILER for map safety and withstanding all kinds of shipping stress.

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2 ft. x 1ft. (map.NINJA), 2 ft. x 1.5ft. (map.ELEFANTE)