Mapline Informatics specializes in GIS programming and creating solutions for Business Mapping. Our domain expertise lies in creating user-friendly Dashboards that encompass intertwining of geo-Spatial and geo-Informatics.

for GIS Services (SaaS) & Spatial Databases

Spatial Information System as SaaS (Spatial/Software as a Service) on Cloud :: gis.ELEFANTE® SaaS platform for Spatial Analytics.

for Maps, Charts, Packaging & Office Products

Spatial Information System as PRINTED MAPS :: mapWINGS® Geographical maps, paper published digital maps & cartographic maps.

Business Begins with Maps.
With the help of Maps, web APIs (e.g. Google Maps, Open Layers and more) and open source GIS software libraries, Mapline has developed hybrid (desktop and mobile) & web driven Business Analysis and Demographic Profiling tools.

Here are 12 ways GIS Data and Dashboards can be used in Business and everyday life:

  • Business Mapping & Map driven Executive Dashboards
  • Network Services, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Rural Marketing
  • Urban Planning, Accident Analysis, Transportation Planning
  • Environment Study, Impact Analysis
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Disaster Management, Flood Mapping/Management
  • Banking & Taxation
  • Surveying & Geology
  • Asset Management
  • Irrigation & Pest Control
  • Local Governance management, Assets tracking
  • Hydrology Information Systems