Tube Mailers


mapWINGS Tube mailers come in standardized sizes (Lengths) of 

  1.  10 inches (~ 25 cm)

  2.  13 inches (~ 34 cm)

  3.  20 inches (~ 51 cm) 

  4.  26 inches (~68 cm)

  5.  39 inches (~100 cm)

They have section thickness of 4 mm and internal diameter (ID) of 3 inches or 7.6 cm.


** Free India wide shipping included

The shipping cost of the package is calculated by Actual Weight and by Volumetric Weight, chargeable which ever is higher.

What’s The Difference Between Actual & Volumetric Weight?
Actual weight is the true weight of the package as it says on the weighing scale. For example, a package weighs 2kg because the weighing scale indicates 2kg.
Volumetric weight is how much space the package occupies according to its dimensions, which is then converted to its equivalent weight. For example, a package weighs 2kg on the scale but the package is voluminous due to product’s shape and size in it and when the package volume is calculated, it’s equivalent to 6kg.

Why do shipping or courier companies Make a Distinction Between Actual & Volumetric Weight?
The answer is simple: space or the volume the shipment occupies.

How does shipping charges affects the mapWINGS Tube Mailers cost/pricing?
The Paper tubes (say, 13.5 inch length, PACK of 3, 6 or 12) occupies more space or volume resulting in shipping charges as high as 25 to 40% of the product value. This leaves very limited scope for the seller (us) to offer aggressive  pricing to our customer.

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